Managing a flare of your health condition.

For those of us living with a long-term health condition (visible or invisible), managing ourselves and our conditions becomes part of our routine.

One of the biggest challenges is avoiding and managing a flare.

Typically, during a flare our symptoms increase, these are further compounded by feeling exhausted and in pain (this can be physical and/or mental). By exhausted, I mean that you are unable or find it extremely challenging to do the simplest of things – for example: having a shower (something we all take for granted) takes an incredible amount of energy. So much so, that you need a rest afterwards; the same goes for getting dressed and preparing meals.

A flare can be brought on by:

* doing too much;

* periods of stress;

* getting an infection such as the flu, kidney infection etc.;

* environmental factors;

* eating the wrong foods;

* not taking your medication as prescribed.

And… sometimes a flare just happens for no apparent reason.

During a flare, self-care takes up a lot of energy and becomes a full-time job! However, there are things we can all do to help ourselves.

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