Are you wishing 2020 away? / Desideri cancellare il 2020?

2020 has been a year that has tested us all in some shape or form. Some more than others…

It has been a challenging year, there is no doubt about it! And if you are reading this, I want you to stop and feel proud that you have made it through 2020.

It is obvious when you switch on the news and browse through social media that as a society, we are all in some way wishing 2020 away…

However, if you have been through any type of hardship prior to 2020, you will know that the greatest learnings and personal growth take place through hard times. Because it pushes us out of our comfort zones and makes us question and re-evaluate what is important to us.

When we respond to adversity by taking action, looking at ways we can move forward, knowing that even if we fall, we can stand up again because we have done this before. We ultimately take responsibility for our actions and for the things that are in our control.

A change in date will not change what is currently going on around you!

It is how you respond to the events!!

So, before we write 2020 off completely… consider these questions:

  • What have you gained from 2020?
  • What have you learnt?


  • What will you be doing more of in 2021 because of what you have experienced and learnt in 2020?

What are my personal reflections?

I look at 2020 as a time of great personal learning, as it has pushed me to question:

– how I do things,

– what is important to me,

– who I am as a person


– where I want to be in life.

What will I be doing more of in 2021 because of what I have experienced and learnt in 2020?

I am going to be more ME!

© Vanessa Vajana

© Vanessa Vajana

Il 2020 è stato un anno che ci ha messo in qualche modo tutti alla prova. Alcuni più di altri …

È stato un anno impegnativo, non ci sono dubbi! E se stai leggendo questo, voglio che ti fermi e ti senti orgoglioso di aver superato il 2020.

È ovvio quando accendi le notizie e navighi sui social media che come società, in qualche modo desideriamo tutti che il 2020 sia passato …

Tuttavia, se hai attraversato qualsiasi tipo di difficoltà prima del 2020, saprai che i più grandi apprendimenti e crescita personale avvengono proprio nei momenti difficili. Perché ci spinge fuori dalle nostre zone di comforto e ci fa mettere in discussione e rivalutare ciò che è importante per noi.

Quando rispondiamo alle avversità agendo, esaminando i modi in cui possiamo andare avanti, sapendo che anche se cadiamo, possiamo rialzarci in piedi perché lo abbiamo già fatto. Alla fine ci assumiamo la responsabilità delle nostre azioni e delle cose che sono sotto il nostro controllo.

Un cambio di data non cambierà ciò che sta succedendo intorno a te!

È come rispondi agli eventi!!

Quindi, prima di cancellare completamente il 2020 … considera queste domande:

  • Cosa hai guadagnato dal 2020?
  • Cosa hai imparato?


  • Cosa farai di più nel 2021 grazie a ciò che hai sperimentato e imparato nel 2020?

Quali sono le mie riflessioni personali?

Considero il 2020 come un momento di grande apprendimento personale, poiché mi ha spinto a chiedermi:

-come faccio le cose,

-cosa è importante per me,

– chi sono come persona


-dove voglio essere nella vita.

Cosa farò di più nel 2021 grazie a ciò che ho sperimentato e imparato nel 2020?

Sarò più ME!

© Vanessa Vajana

4 thoughts on “Are you wishing 2020 away? / Desideri cancellare il 2020?

  1. I totally agree!!! Quite scared by the amount of people who are so happy to see the back of 2020. It’s been bloody tough but such a great opportunity for learning. Personally quite excited to carry on the growth journey from what last year showed me!

    I do love what you write. Hope all is well?

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    1. I hear you Helen!
      I am happy you are excited about carrying on with your growth journey – it is really a never-ending exciting journey! 🥰
      Remember… Be kind to yourself! 🤗🥰


  2. Hello gorgeous

    WOW I just read through this and I love it. What really resonated was the ending where you talk about being more ME. That is exactly the same goal I set for myself too.

    I learned so much last year about myself, and my personal growth became a priority for the first time in my life really.

    Self Care rocks and gratitude is key. I am on a journey that will continue long into the future and in the meantime I have actually started living not just existing.

    Spooky how alike our reflections are don’t you think?

    Chat soon my lovely. Happy New Year :)) Melissa xx

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    1. Thank you for the review Melissa. 🤗😊
      Congratulations on the “Start living and not just existing” attitude! You are one hell of a woman! 🙌🥰
      Speak soon and remember… “do what makes your heart sing” 🥰


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