Vanessa’s sessions are really special.

She is kind, intuitive, professional, caring and very easy to talk too.

She is worth her weight in gold!

-Jax, UK

J 27 October 2020

Vanessa’s direct but encouraging enquiries into the roots of my habitual defence mechanisms enabled me to see that other views are possible.

The support, exercises and feedback Vanessa provided enabled my “habitual” thought processes to change. This has resulted in better relationships with and understanding of others due to a shift in perceptions.

I have learnt that by practicing being good to myself, it becomes a habit and a way of being.  When I have felt sad, depressed and lonely I have realised that it doesn’t have to be this way and that I can put into practice what I have learnt. This practice is life changing.

-Clare, UK

CS 25 October 2020

‘It’s important to reward yourself’.

Wise words from this extraordinarily astute life coach.

Vanessa has a non judgemental and compassionate style that cuts through the smoke screen and arrives to what really matters.

She doesn’t shy from asking the hard probing questions but its done with empathy, professionalism and kindness that in the dialogue you find yourself arriving to the answer you knew was buried beneath.

-Jennifer, Italy

JT 24 October 2020

Vanessa Vajana changed my life.

Vanessa made me feel comfortable and heard. Step by step she helped me to overcome my inner challenges and complex problems.

Vanessa has an eye for a detail, that can hold you and your strength. She asked very interesting, challenging questions that changed my perspective towards people and things in my life. She is a true mentor, very positive and very strong.

Vanessa Vajana is the woman, who changed my life towards constant happiness and fulfilling experiences. She even made me shout on the balcony that I am worth it!

Surprisingly in just 2-3 months, she was able to do that previous 6-7 coaches could not. She helped me to find a strength inside me, become more confident and happy. I have achieved my life dream with her help.

To say that I am grateful to her – is really not enough.. Now, Vanessa is a good friend of mine and if I ever have problems, she will be the first person I will call.

To all people that have some inner problems, doubts; to people, who are lost and for people with chronic pain Vanessa is the best coach, who can help you to chose your direction to a better life.

With a coach like Vanessa, I believe our world can be a bit happier, a bit stronger and more alive. There are no accidents and if you met Vanessa Vajana, it was meant to happen.

-Rabiga, France

RM 15 October 2020

I would highly recommend Vanessa as a coach.

She has an instinctive understanding as well as human compassion.

Vanessa is able to ask surprising questions that lead to new thinking; her words are always kind. In the work that I want to achieve, Vanessa is benevolent guide, who will walk beside me encouraging me to find my own path and my own destination. T

hese skills are transformational and I appreciate having met her.

-Katherine, UK

KV 10 April 2020

Vanessa’s care and compassion in my time of need was nothing short of a miracle.

In a short space of time she was able to uncover deep rooted personal and professional challenges I was facing.

With due care and skill was able to guide me through some very trying times.

Your unwavering support and human approach was truly remarkable.

Anyone who is in need of a very skilled coach, that is compassionate and genuine in their approach need not look any further.

Vanessa you are truly the best!

-Faizah, UK

FT 07 February 2020

Vanessa is a wonderful coach and human being. I loved her accurate questions which gives you a sense of “Oh my God” turmoil in the guts – rather than the sense of “Ahaa” in the brainsphere.

During the sessions, I felt that her hypersensitivity and intelligence is a blessing – because she really senses the fine unseen sneaky paradigms that run my show and obstructs me from thriving.

I was also impressed by her honesty, fairness, and commitent to my wellbeing as a client. I am sure she is a professional who is capable of facilitating change and transformation.

Warmly recommended!

-Anat, Israel

AC 12 October 2019

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Vanessa. She helped me through a stressful period and take charge of the different aspects of my life that I was worried about.

I have set future goals and I’m looking forward to working towards them.

Highly recommended! Thanks Vanessa!

-Dawn, UK

DE 01 September 2019

This is my second time working with Vanessa.

She has a unique ability to direct myself to be self-aware and see things in different perspectives.

Vanessa also listens deeply without judging, making it all very comforting.

With her guidance, I discovered solutions to my challenges and forever grateful. She is highly recommended by me.

-Grace, Singapore

GWFN 13 August 2019

I worked briefly with Vanessa, because I made so much progress so quickly.

She is caring and dynamic and I hope to work with her again!

-A very happy client! (UK), Name withheld as requested by client

CoachMeFree 24 July 2019