RM 15 October 2020

Vanessa Vajana changed my life.

Vanessa made me feel comfortable and heard. Step by step she helped me to overcome my inner challenges and complex problems.

Vanessa has an eye for a detail, that can hold you and your strength. She asked very interesting, challenging questions that changed my perspective towards people and things in my life. She is a true mentor, very positive and very strong.

Vanessa Vajana is the woman, who changed my life towards constant happiness and fulfilling experiences. She even made me shout on the balcony that I am worth it!

Surprisingly in just 2-3 months, she was able to do that previous 6-7 coaches could not. She helped me to find a strength inside me, become more confident and happy. I have achieved my life dream with her help.

To say that I am grateful to her – is really not enough.. Now, Vanessa is a good friend of mine and if I ever have problems, she will be the first person I will call.

To all people that have some inner problems, doubts; to people, who are lost and for people with chronic pain Vanessa is the best coach, who can help you to chose your direction to a better life.

With a coach like Vanessa, I believe our world can be a bit happier, a bit stronger and more alive. There are no accidents and if you met Vanessa Vajana, it was meant to happen.

-Rabiga, France